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  • Miles Goodson

Volkswagen Tiguan Mk2 Review and buyer’s guide: The Middle ground of flair and function

Volkswagen Tiguan in White review and reliability

The Volkswagen Tiguan second generation carved part of the market for itself by building on the success of the first generation. The TDI and TFSI offerings set it apart in the crowded compact SUV market, blending practicality with a touch of sophistication, and in top R spec, performance. In this review, we explore the nuances that set the Tiguan apart from its rivals.

How does it look?

While looks will always be contentious as one persons diamond is someone else’s dirt. However, the Volkswagen Tiguan's exterior design attempts not to offend any and pease all, its subtle elegance and understated presence are certainly noteworthy. The clean lines and purposeful stance lend it a timeless appeal that won't look dated in a few years. However, some might find its conservative styling lacking the boldness of its competitors.

What does it perform like?

Behind the wheel, the Tiguan delivers a competent and composed driving experience. Its turbocharged engines provide adequate power for most situations, although enthusiasts may not be content with the R model, especially as its price takes it into premium competitors. Where the Tiguan truly shines is in its refined ride quality and well-weighted steering, which gives confidence whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway.

Tiguan Technology

Volkswagen has equipped the Tiguan with a fair amount of tech features, but it's the execution that sets it apart. The infotainment system is intuitive and responsive, with crisp graphics and seamless smartphone integration. However, some may find the lack of cutting-edge driver assistance features found in rivals disappointing.

Is the Tiguan Practical and reliable?

Versatility is the Tiguan's calling card, with a spacious interior that can easily accommodate passengers and cargo alike. The available third-row seating option is a welcome addition for families needing extra capacity in a pinch. However, the trade-off is a slightly cramped third row that may be best suited for occasional use by small children. The Tiguan scored well in reliability testing, managing a top five score in several consumer tests however we cover the common faults and recalls inner buyers guide video.

Buy a Tiguan?

In a segment where compromise is often the name of the game, the Volkswagen Tiguan manages to strike a delicate balance between practicality and style. It walks the fine line of subtlety without stepping into boredom and although It may not excel in any one area the overall package offers a compelling proposition for buyers seeking a versatile and refined compact SUV. Whether ferrying the family or tackling daily commutes, the Tiguan proves to be a capable and comfortable companion for the journey ahead.


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