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Volkswagen Amarok buyers guide (2010-2022)

As the first generation Amarok is discontinued in many markets and fades from media attention as the all-new Amarok arrives on the scene is this a good time to buy a first generation Amarok?

Volkswagen Amarok in grey as a good buy without problems

The first generation Amarok

Production of the Volkswagen Amarok began in 2010 as a body on frame construction with double wishbone suspension. Prior to this it had been shown in concept form in 2008 before having an official reveal in Argentina in January 2010.

During the twelve year production of the first-generation model there is a notable refresh to the range in late 2016 that introduces a 3.0 V6 diesel model. Some markets will have been offered this as the only option due to emmisions regulations.

Common problems with the Volkswagen Amarok

Premature wear of the clutch has been known in manual transmission vehicles due to faster wear to the friction plate.

Rust appear on the roof and can be easy to miss due to the height of the vehicle.

Universal joints and driveshafts can wear at a faster rate if the vehicle has been used on rugged terrain or done a lot of towing.

Is the Amarok a good buy?

We've highlighted the common engine issues and recalls to be aware in our above video but the Amarok remains a good buy as long as you know what to look for.

We would look for a 2.0TDI model if you are on a tighter budget and live in a part of the world where the 2.0TDI motor is common as this will make maintenance and repairs less costly. For those with a higher budget the 3.0 V6 TDI with either an extended manufacturer warranty is a great option.

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