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Letters from you

A shortlist of messages will appear here from the best messages we receive.

You can write a short review of your own car, let us know what you think about our reviews, or send in any differing opinions you may have.


We read all the messages so if you don't get shown here, don't worry, your voice is still getting heard by the team at MilesDriven.

If you have an interesting car that you would be willing to loan for a review, let us know, we are always open to blasts from the past as well as shiny new metal and everything in the middle of the road.


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Laptop & Coffee



Found this site a month ago, keep up the good work, more stories from the motor trade please.

— Peter, Northumberland

Enjoying the features, but would have liked some more detail in your review of the Kia Stinger GT S. I've been umming and arring about the car for a while. Is it really worth it over the Germans? 

— Reggie

MG: We'll try and get another shot in the car soon, sadly we didn't get as much time behind the wheel as hoped. If badges are important to you it will be hard to overlook the German you could have had, but as an enthusiast that wants to stand out from the crowd it's a great contender.



Loved the Bentley Bentayga story. I've bookmarked the site to go with my usual haunts of Evo and CAR.

— Will Davis, Bristol

MG: Great to hear!

Thought I would give my two cents after reading your Porsche Cayenne review. I purchased mine just over a decade ago and have held onto it unable to find something that gives me the same smile. I have the GTS model from 2008. The 4.8 V8 has a lovely rumble that nothing else in this bracket has fulfilled. You were quite right to say this isn't a car that can be run without a maintenance pot at the ready. Saying that mine hasn't given any unexpected bills, although the rear suspension was done at a specialist that mentioned how good the rest of the car had held up. Now with 130,000 on the clock, it has done a run over to Spain and several into France without a problem. The diesel would return more to the gallon but from speaking to a few people who have experience with them, fuel savings can quickly be dissolved if a turbo or intercooler needs replacing. I've driven a turbo and have to say, I prefer it without, yes it isn't as powerful but I don't think I've ever felt lacking on the road and I have a weekend car for back road blasts. It's looking a little sorry for itself these days as my wife persuaded me into a Mercedes GLA, a good car but it's firmly in the region of runaround. Whenever I have the choice I jump in the GTS. Some may think these cars will be forgotten but I would encourage doubters to find a good one and have a drive. The sweeping acceleration through the gears is like nothing you can buy today, and the build quality means that it should last. I have no intention of parting with mine.

— Clarke, Shropshire

After reading the 'fun vs fast' I asked myself whether the writer had considered the ever-changing demand from the consumer. I personally wouldn't want less than 350 horsepower from my next car. I own a Focus RS and I wouldn't want to step back down on power and I don't agree that it would be more fun to push a car with less power more often. If I purchased a Focus ST I would feel short changed when flooring the throttle. For some people being on the limit might be enjoyable but I would have more power over perceived fun any day. I do agree that cars should get lighter. Maybe if my next car weighed less than the RS I wouldn't be googling tuners a year into ownership. Enjoyed the content so far, a drive in America would be great to see.

— Ari, New York State

“Ford Mustang comparing the 2.3 EcoBoost to the V8 please!.”

— Mak

MG: We'll see what we can arrange.

Image by Robin Davidson

“Thanks for the MX-5 article, I have a mk3 and have been thinking of changing it for a while or tucking away it away in the garage and buying something faster for day to day driving. Opinion on the Hyundai i30N as a used car purchase?”

— Sid, London

MG: Really enjoyed a run in the i30N a couple of years ago. Be aware they list slightly differently on used car sites, a quirk of Hyundai's naming. N or N Performance. Have a drive before committing, a Golf GTI is a little more complete and the Civic Type R feels slightly more focused, but the i30N is special in its own right and we haven't heard of any bad stories yet about reliability, so pick the best one in your budget and enjoy it.

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