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Lease or buy: Own and run a cheap used car for 5% of the finance payments

The popular Volkswagen Golf can be leased or finance from dealers across the world, but if want to embrace cheap used car motoring and forego finance payments every month we may have the answer. Check out our video to buying, maintaining, and running a cheap used car for just 5% of the cost.

Lease or Finance or buy a car. it's a question we have all asked ourselves. How about owning a car and paying for all its running costs for just 5% of the what a finance agreement would cost you? We buy a used Volkswagen Golf, tax it, MOT it, and run it to see if we can pay for all of this and still only be at 5% of what it would cost if we had financed a new VW Golf in mid-level specification.

Our car ownership challenge doesn't start easy with a cheap ebay purchase and a yearly inspection at the MOT centre due, but we persevere to see if we really can stick to our budget.

Cheap cars may be getting harder to find, but car ownership is a necessity for many people. Having a cheap car that is cheap to run and remains reliable is critical for many people, whether it gets the kids to school or rushes them to work, or is the vital link of their social life. To make it possible, you need to buy right, so we've picked a used VOlkswagen Golf, check out the video to see if we manage to keep costs down and cheap motoring alive..

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