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2022 F1 Race 6: Barcelona

The track F1 use for pre-season testing isn't know for drama, but who would win?

2022 Barcelona F1 Mercedes

Fast movers at the start of the race saw Mercedes higher up the order than they had been all season. Contact was made early between Hamilton and Magnusson's Haas. Sainz struggled and lost positions while Redbull charged. Lap 7 showed just how sensitive the new era of F1 cars are in their aerodynamics as a strong gust of wind forced Sainz off the track and into the gravel, a similar fate awaited Verstappen on lap 9 although it was less costly thanks to the car maintaining a straight path rather than Sainz's unfortunate spin. LeClerc lead the Grand Prix while Verstappen was fighting with Russel for second place while struggling with a DRS problem. Lap 27 would see Ferrari with their head in their hands as LeClerc suffered a loss of power that would take him out the race from first position. Verstappen's DRS woes seemed to heal themselves, at least long enough to make a move on Russel who was leading the race and managed to maintain position. Bottas once again was pushing his Alfa Romeo beyond what anyone at the team could hope for mixing it up in the top five. Lap 47 was a call from Red Bull for team orders asking Perez to move over, a decision he felt was unfair but ever the team player gave up the lead on lap 49.

Mercedes then held third and fourth until the penultimate lap after Hamilton was told to lift and coast due to an issue with his car. Carlos Sainz eventual making easy work of an overtake along the straight to take 4th place. Verstappen once again took a chequered flag, although his teammate clearly felt it should have been his. Russel picked up a podium finish ahead of Carlos Sainz.

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